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Welcome To Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

We have sprung our clocks forward (possibly for the last time) and spring is here, please let Mother Nature know.

April brings us a very early Easter, as well as many holidays and celebrations. April is also Autism Awareness Month.

Wednesday April 1 – April Fool’s Day

The one day a year when it’s okay to have a little extra fun! If you need an idea, an easy prank for your family is to buy Oreo cookies, remove the frosting and replace with plain white toothpaste. Offer up your family milk and cookies for breakfast! We would LOVE to see how that goes. #littlekidsdaycarecenter

Friday April 2 – Good Friday (Center is closed)

Sunday April 4 – Easter Sunday & the end of Passover

Monday April 5 – Easter Monday

Friday April 9 – National Unicorn Day

Sunday April 11 National Poutine Day (YUM)

Monday April 12 – Ramadan begins

March Break was moved to April 12-16th this year!

Thursday April 22 – Earth Day

Fun Family Events & Activities

Due to COVID many celebrations we normally love & enjoy have been cancelled or gone virtual.

Here are somethings your family might enjoy. Always practice social distancing and don’t forget your mask (and everyone else’s in your home!)

If your town or city has a drive-in theatre, take the family and go enjoy a movie under the stars!

We are so blessed in Ontario with an abundance of incredible parks. This was a favourite outing for my family when the kids were little.

Our favourite park was Mountsberg!

There are animals, trails and year-round activities and events. Check out their website to make reservations before you arrive. Some of their programs are currently closed but you can see the horses outside & the birds of prey are also in their outdoor enclosures. The barn animals are outside daily until 3pm.

Mountsberg’s Maple Town is on March 12 – April 15, Mountsberg’s sugar bush has been producing maple syrup for more than 30 years. Approximately 600 trees are tapped each year!

It’s unCanadian to use anything but local maple syrup!

On a personal side note, my amazing brother tapped some trees on his farm and made maple syrup. Inside his house. He didn’t consider that the maple syrup bubbling away would evaporate and stick to the walls. For years, the joke was that Sunday pancakes got wiped on the walls for syrup. He has since renovated and the smell of syrup is gone. In true big family fashion, we will not let him forget.

POUTINE With PURPOSE (April 23-May 1)

Follow the link for participating restaurants

If you would like to make poutine at home check out these amazing Canadian recipes!

Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing!

Don’t forget to always be kind and shop local, and check out my next blog to learn all about toddler development.

The life of a toddler

Stay well,