Little Kids Academy

Little Kids Academy

Through the lens of “How does Learning Happen” we strive to immerse children in new learning experiences, promote inquiry and curiosity. Our team has created the Little Kids Academy to foster each child’s growth and development at their own pace.

Little Kids Yoga

We are excited to offer a Yoga program in partnership with Power Yoga Canada.

Studio owner and Yoga Instructor Vicki creates child friendly Yoga lessons which are a valuable part of the daily routines within each class.

Little Kids Yoga supports children in learning about mindfulness, deep breaths and developing body awareness through Yoga poses.

The team connects often with Vicki to review, share and adjust the weekly plan. Always building on the children’s skills and abilities.

Little Kids French

Nous sommes tellement EXITÉS to offer a French Program. The children learn new words and concepts weekly with the focus on basic French language. Our Educators use French books, flash cards and a little French panda named PIM to engage the children and foster a love for our Official Second Language.

Little Kids Numeracy

Numbers are everywhere and counting is fun for children. It always starts with a song, I’m sure we all still remember “One, Two, Buckle my shoe…” That’s pretty powerful!

Numeracy looks different for each classroom but the children are exposed to learning about numbers on a daily basis.

Little Kids Phonics

Unlike the other programs within our academy this is only for the preschoolers. We want to set them up for success as they prepare for kindergarten.

Jolly Phonics is a fun & child centered approach to teaching literacy through phonics. Using songs and actions for every letter sound, children feel like they are playing and learning a new fun song